Leaving LIBOR, Say Hello to SOFR

Goodbye Libor hello SOFR? Goodbye Libor, hello SOFR?. the London Interbank Offered Rate that serves as a benchmark to price. There are contracts which specifically say Libor and they pre.

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SOFR, instead, is a daily average or compounded rate, so borrowers won’t know the size of the interest payment until the end of the specific debt period. This complicates the task of transitioning to SOFR and addressing mismatches between Libor-based legacy debt and SOFR-based hedges.

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Transitioning away from LIBOR is likely to be a complex, expensive, and multi-year process. An important step occurred on April 3rd, when the Federal Reserve Bank of New York began publishing the secured overnight funding rate (SOFR), a new benchmark rate aimed as a replacement for USD LIBOR.

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From Libor to SOFR on February 21, 2018 Commercial Lending, Policy. By Barry Mills. T. here has been a lot in the financial press recently about Libor-the London interbank offered rate-and efforts to identify and implement alternatives to Libor. A measure of the rate at which large banks can.