Australia’s ‘mortgage time bomb’ set to explode

9News – Latest news and headlines from Australia and the world – The ‘mortgage time bomb’ set to explode Large amounts of household debt, falling house prices and unemployment rates mean an increasing number of Australians are falling behind on their mortgage.

Moreover, south african rugby is in financial crisis, there isn’t too much money in New Zealand and Australia can’t really compete. and the post-World Cup exodus is a ticking time bomb, which is.

Flipboard: Australia's 'mortgage time bomb' is set to explode. – Australia’s ‘mortgage time bomb’ is set to explode in 2019 as house prices continue to decline and monthly repayments skyrocket. – Stephen Johnson. A mortgage time bomb is expected to explode in 2019 and 2020 as house prices continue to decline and monthly repayment levels jump by more than a.

The thrust of the Forbes article was that home equity conversion mortgages. it could set off other bombs in the area, such as the loss of a job due to the inability to work, which in turn could.

Government mismanagement and Australia’s ticking time bomb of debt Independent A ustralia is a progressive journal focusing on politics, democracy, the environment, Australian history and Australian identity.

Stocks to watch – 9Finance – CGC – COSTA GROUP – down $1.43, or 26.6 per cent, to $3.75 Australia’s largest horticultural company downgraded its profit guidance, saying it was facing problems with everything from crumbly.

Interest-only time bomb defused by lower rates – The ticking time bomb of interest-only mortgage debt, once feared as a potential hazard for the property market, appears to have been defused by lower interest rates and a major exit of investors.

A grim report prepared by the Deputy Prime-Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation, and current finance minister, Alexei Kudrin, for President Medvedev is warning today that the Global banking system is nearing an "Economic Armageddon" as the Australian governments "debt bomb" is "set to explode" and plunge our World into a depression "no one living has ever seen the.

Australia's 'ticking fiscal time bomb' is untenable. – Australia’s ‘ticking fiscal time bomb’ is untenable.. a ticking fiscal time bomb".. Beacher says something must be done because the Australian government has little to no control over.

To determine situations where an isolated debt scare becomes the catalyst for a systemic problem, the analysts set out a 3. the analysts said. Australia’s debt to GDP ratio has risen by more than.