S.C.’s actual income tax rates much lower than portrayed

S.C.’s actual income tax rates much lower than portrayed. On $100,000, they paid $3,983 in South Carolina, $4,756 in Georgia and $4,930 in North Carolina. On $150,000, they paid $7,483 in South Carolina, $7,756 in Georgia and $7,830 in North Carolina. * Tax credits could further reduce taxes.

Re: "Stem the tide of corporate flight," July 21 editorial. While the Denver Post editorial board bemoans a U.S. corporate tax rate "burden" of 35 percent, what it fails to take into consideration is the more illuminating effective tax rate. According to a column by Bruce Bartlett, former.

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South Carolina’s effective income tax rates are much lower than what the tax code suggests. The state’s top marginal rate is 7percent, compared to Georgia’s 6percent and North Carolina’s 5.

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The persistence of the Bush tax cuts for low- and middle- income Americans should be viewed as a major policy legacy of the Bush administration. In essence, George W. Bush argued that the middle class should pay a lower level of federal taxes, and basically no American politician has challenged this vision since.

In 2003, the range of industry tax rates was even greater, ranging from a low of -30.0 percent (a negative rate) up to a high of 27.9 percent. Aerospace and defense companies enjoyed the lowest effective tax rate over the three years, paying only 1.6 percent of their profits in federal income taxes.

But the media’s characterization of wealth in the 1990s was far more benign than how they portrayed. wealthy person pays lower tax rates. That’s true for the super-rich – reflecting the lower taxes.

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At a 2010 talk at the Cato Institute Dr. Daniel J. Mitchell and Dr. Richard W. Rahn argued that the government has actually raised more revenue with a lower long term capital gains tax rate than a higher rate. For example, in 2007 the IRS raised $122 billion with a 15% tax rate as opposed to $7.8 billion in 1977 ($26.7 billion in 2007 dollars.