What’s the Difference Between Manufactured and Modular Homes

The difference between modular and manufactured homes is often in the permanence. For instance modular homes are placed on a permanent foundation; whereas trailers, or manufactured homes are built on a steel chassis with wheels attached. This is so the trailer can be moved or towed.

Even though mobile homes, manufactured homes and modular homes are similar, the differences between them impact the lifestyle of the people who live in them. Mobile Homes The definition of a mobile home has changed drastically since the late 1970s.

The difference between modular homes and manufactured homes is the building code. modular homes are built to local building codes, like site built homes.. modular homes. What is a Modular Home? Although some use the terms ” modular.

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Manufactured houses are built in a factory. They conform to a Federal building code, called the HUD code, rather than to building codes at their destinations. Manufactured homes are built on a non-removable steel chassis. Sections are transported to the building site on their own wheels.

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Manufactured Homes are built entirely in a factory under the federal. Modular homes- A modular home is manufactured in a production.

Their ENERGY STAR certified modular homes help homeowners.. What's the difference between modular homes and manufactured homes?

Manufactured homes are mobile homes or trailers. They can be more easily transported as-is to a new location should the owner wish to move. Modular homes are constructed in factories and then transported in parts (or modules) to the building site.

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Published: October 26, 2010 . Often people use the terms trailer, mobile home and manufactured home interchangeably, but there are huge differences between them. The terms "trailer home" and trailer park are generally wording from the forties and fifties in the US. There was a perception that the residents were poor and undereducated, however, some of the original trailers were actually summer.