The Original Black Widow – Belle Gunness – Stay at Home Mum

Belle Gunness (also known as Lady Bluebeard, The LaPorte Black Widow, The Mistress of Murder Farm, and Hell’s Belle) was probably one of America’s most prolific serial killers who likely killed between 25 and 30 people, including women and children, at the turn of the 20th century.

Younger readers, similarly, may find their minds dwelling on Scarlett Johansson, although whether they are reminded of the eponymous Lucy, Major in Ghost In The Shell or Black Widow in the Avengers.

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1. Jill Coit – The Black Widow Who Was Married 11 Times Country: America Body Count: 2 Imprisoned at: Denver Women’s Correctional Facility Number of Marriages: 11. Born as Jill Lonita Billiot in 1943, Jill Coit is one of the most notorious examples of the Black Widows. She was a seductress, known for her striking eyebrows and curly hair, and a personality full of wit and spirit.

"Hell’s Belle" Gunness – Black Widow of the Midwest. In 1884, Gunness married Mads Albert Sorenson in Chicago and two years later they opened a candy store that was not very successful. Not long afterwards, their home and the store mysteriously burned down. The couple collected the insurance money and bought a new home.

The Original Black Widow – Belle Gunness at Stay at home Mum. The Original Black Widow – Belle Gunness at Stay at home Mum. The Original Black Widow – Belle Gunness at Stay at home Mum.

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Women who kill often share many of the same murderous qualities. Poison, which is a slow and agonizing death, is often their choice of weapon and money is generally the motivation.The name "Black Widow" seems to fit a large percentage of these women because, just like the deadly spider, many female killers strike out at those who love them.

On April 1, 1902, she married Peter Gunness, a local butcher and widower. Her new husband brought with him two daughters, who Belle saw as dollar signs. Not long after the wedding, one child died under mysterious circumstances. Peter knew something wasn’t right and sent his eldest daughter, Swanhild, to stay with relatives.

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