The salary you need to earn to be able to afford a home in 15 major US cities

Using this rule as our benchmark, we calculated the minimum salary required to afford the average home in each state. Top Five Places Where You Need the Highest Salaries to Afford the average home. 1. hawaii: 3,520 for a house worth $610,000. 2. Washington, DC: $138,440 for a house worth $549,000. 3. California: $120,120 for a house worth $499,900. 4.

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Plus, "monthly payments have increased twice as much as incomes," the report says. Below, take a closer look at what you’d need to earn annually to afford to purchase a home in 15 major U.S. cities,

Paul and Grace can afford to make a down payment of $7,000, just over 5% of the home value, which means they’ll need a mortgage of about $128,000. In Ann Arbor, their mortgage, tax and insurance payments will be around $950 dollars a month.

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The higher your salary, the more house you can probably afford. Location matters, too. In cities where home prices are quite high, it likely means homebuyers will need to have a relatively high.

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This is the salary you need to earn to buy a house by the year 2020. that 25% of people across the UK believe they will never be able to afford their own home. Which is a far cry from the.

The post Here’s The Salary You Need To Earn To Afford These Homes In Singapore appeared first on both HDB and private, to calculate the salary you need to be earning to be able to afford these homes.. by locking your money in your home, you may be unable to invest.

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Compare the cost of living in two cities using the CNNMoney Cost of Living calculator. Determine if you could maintain your current standard of living in a different city.

The salary you need to earn to be able to afford a home in 15 major. in 15 major U.S. cities, ranked from smallest to largest required salary.

Pct of Income. %. To afford a house that costs $600,000, you’ll need to make $98,211 per year before tax. This assumes a 20% down payment ($120,000), a 30-year mortgage at 4% interest, and spending 28% of your income on your mortgage payment.