Summer is here, so sit back, relax and rethink your finances

You’ve worked hard all year long. And while you might be in the midst of end-of-season marketing or dealing with year-end finances, don’t forget to relax, adjust those priorities and recharge your batteries so you’re ready to hit the ground running in January. Here are 15 ways to ease the stress and take a breather while you close out the.

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Just an average Gal, older mom, trying to live a simple life & what happens along the way.

Making the Case for Bicycles as Primary Transportation 1:02. Share. Tweet. Details; If you have ever sat in traffic for any amount of time, these two videos will make you rethink your gas-guzzling car. watch as the bicyclists in these videos. so sit back, relax and get ready to be amazed. And.

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Writing that piece opened my eyes to another problem we have with our finances. one another. Here are some ideas that you can try if you want to get back to a simpler way of being and search for.

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Summer is coming up, and it is a great time to take a little break from work and relax. The recession may have put a damper on many people’s vacation plans, but there is a way you could save a lot of.