GOP tax bill hits college, pro sports

Businesses also take several hits. Owners of limited liability corporations and other small and mid-sized businesses that don’t pay the state corporation tax will pay. t materialize? The GOP leader.

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House Republicans’ determination to slash tax deductions. The measure allows even fetuses to be covered by 529 plans, which are tax-deductible savings plans for college expenses. The bill defines.

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Here’s a look at some of the highlights in the new tax plan and how they’ll affect you: If the bill is signed before. those funds can only be used for college plans. Also, a proposal to tax tuition.

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Indiana lawmakers approved a new state budget and a wide-ranging gambling bill Wednesday as they wrapped up this year’s legislative session. The House and senate party-line votes came as Republicans .

Over several months, tax cuts for families were either stymied or scaled back. And corporate benefits only grew, a development that increasingly made some Republicans nervous as they saw the bill’s.

But after a six-month honeymoon, that harmony is threatened as the new speaker struggles to explain why he met with a foe who alleges bonnen ordered a political hit on 10 fellow Republicans. “If we.

But after a six-month honeymoon, that harmony is threatened as the new speaker struggles to explain why he met with a foe who alleges Bonnen ordered a political hit on 10 fellow Republicans. “If we.

“This legislation, taken in its entirety, would discourage participation in postsecondary education, make college more expensive for those. for most people in Missouri.” The Senate Republican tax.

WASHINGTON – The city of Arlington has been spared a multimillion-dollar hit. tax-exempt municipal bonds to pay for the construction or renovation of professional sports stadiums. Barton seeks $84.

GOP tax bill would have impact on pro, college sports. Getting rid of the tax exemption would have a negligible impact on federal revenue, bringing in $200 million over 10 years, according to the bill. rep. dina titus, a Nevada Democrat and a proponent of the stadium deal, said the bill would harm her district,

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