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Of course, Dallas has changed, like so many other American cities; there is more depth and breadth to the. top to bottom, in deep aubergine. Parking on the scuffed up lot is every man for himself.

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In large part because of parking quotas, parking lots now cover more than a third of the land area of some U.S. cities; Houston is estimated to have 30 parking spaces for every resident.

The gray lot under the I-93 overpass in downtown Boston didn’t have much to draw in pedestrians or foodies. It was empty, like so many other urban spaces orphaned by America. city’s in-between.

Let’s employ the Rosslyn rule about parking your car: "All may park, all must pay." And what you pay varies from city to city. You think it’s bad in D.C.? It is – but it’s far worse in other U.S.

In Asian cities, meanwhile, explosive urban growth has been accompanied (and accelerated) by massive government investments in urban rail networks. But the U.S. boomed in the 20th-century’s automobile age, and the private car is still king; most American cities and their suburbs are utterly dependent on them.

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Spoiler: Cities in Illinois make up almost a third of this list. So it’s fairly appropriate that the state’s capital, Springfield, would make an appearance. 2019 marks the fourth year in a row that Sangamon County, where Springfield is located, has seen its population decrease, according to the Census Bureau.

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