The winners, and the many losers, from higher interest rates

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The Fed agrees, believing that the economy can withstand higher borrowing costs. Rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage currently sit at about 4.8 percent. Winners

Savings and money market accounts today offer an average interest rate of only 0.44%, according to Bankrate, but the good news for savers is that rising interest rates should buoy yields across the board. One caution is that if the Fed moves slowly, that means the interest earned on your accounts probably won’t bump up very quickly either.

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Winners and losers from higher interest rates News Jun 30, 2017 The Canadian Press, 2017 TORONTO – Another month of solid growth for the Canadian economy in April and upbeat survey results from the Bank of Canada have strengthened expectations that the central bank will soon begin increasing interest rates for the first time in seven years.

BEIJING – Asia stock markets followed Wall Street lower Wednesday as investors looked ahead to a speech by the Federal.

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Many Fedwatchers are convinced the central bank is about to announce the first increase to its benchmark federal-funds rate in nearly a decade.. Aim higher, reach further.. Winners and.

The Federal Reserve says that it’s cutting interest rates, but while lower interest rates help some groups, they don’t help everyone.. Winners and losers from the Fed’s rate cut.

The demand for stocks pulled interest rates higher, with the 10-Year Treasury. years have been met by near-immediate.

Fed’s first interest rate cut in a decade: the winners and losers 3 mins ago at 2:15 pm by Jacob Wolinsky There are winners and losers from the Fed’s rate cut, the first in more than a decade – and U.S. and global investors now need to revise their portfolios, warns one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organizations.

If the rate continues to rise over the next year above .50%, many in the money-market fund industry would be able to remove the damaging fees. The Losers. The stock market has been falling in recent days. Liquidity in the market was already on the decline prior to the interest rate adjustment, and now it’s likely to decline even more. The losers are those who invest in equities and long-term bonds.