From Business Owner to Home Owner

Owners often get the blame first when a business goes belly up but the last to get paid when it’s profitable. The fact that you may not be on the employee payroll may only add to your confusion about how to pay yourself. Before payday rolls around, read up on how to pay yourself as a business.

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Buying a home can be a long and challenging process. As a small business owner, it can be even more challenging because banks often perceive business owners to be riskier than traditionally employed people and it’s much harder to prove the stability of income.

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Thousands of business leaders have chosen membership in a local c12 peer advisory Group to improve their company's. Janet Ward Black, Principal Owner .

How to Buy a Business With Owner Financing. Owner financing is a win-win for both sellers and buyers. Sellers can increase their pool of potential buyers, and buyers can become business owners even if they don’t have the entire purchase.

It’s common to hear business owners talk about "getting a salary" from their business, but that’s not actually how most business owners get paid by the business. The word "salary" is common when talking about employees, but most business owners don’t actually take a salary as an employee.

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By renting your home to your business, you can do exactly that. Let’s say that instead of renting a conference room at the Four Seasons, you decide to host the meetings in your own home. You buy the food and have it all made up and serve it yourself.. Seems to me that although I am an owner I am also an employee bc I do receive a wage.