‘I want to build a home in Thailand’

 · Thailand is often called the “land of smiles”, and the Thai people are known to be some of the most welcoming and hospitable people in the world. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t be versed in some of the local customs and proper etiquette before visiting. There are a number of things NOT to do in Thailand to avoid.

Thailand doesn’t make it straight forward for a foreign national to buy or sell a condo, so you need to be sure of your desire to be here for the long term. In terms of my decision to buy, there was the feeling that I would be staying in Thailand for the long term and also that buying a property in Thailand would be much easier than doing so.

The house we want to build in Issan (Kalasin area) is being quoted at 15,400 baht per square meter. It’s a little on the high-end side, but not all that much. We’ve had higher and lower quotes.

Johnny FD has an interesting story to tell. He quit his corporate job in 2008, sold his possessions, and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand to start an online business and become a professional Muay Thai fighter.. In fact, he wrote a book about his experiences called, 12 Weeks in thailand. johnny shot, narrated, and edited the video below showing how Thai workers built a house out of bamboo.

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Just a quick question regarding building a house in Thailand,Its not something im looking at doing for a few years yet but If I was to buy a plot of land more out in the country and money was not an issue in terms the size I wanted to build could I effectively build a mansion or is there restrictions on size / height ?

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