Corrections failed dying inmate Vicki Letele, Health and Disability Commission finds

the Health and Disability Commission has released its findings into the care provided to the 36 year-old convicted fraudster. The commission has found a number of deficiencies and that "Corrections.

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Corrections failed inmate Vicki Letele as she suffered with cancer, years after the mother of three died, the Health and Disability Commission has released. The commission has found a number of deficiencies and that "Corrections failed in.

DOVER – At Tuesday’s Council of Correction meeting, chairman Darryl Chambers noted that he was asked on Feb. 8 by the Department of Correction to independently review the footage of an inmate.

Family of ex-inmate Vicki Letele who died of cancer want improvements after report finds Corrections failings . 31 May, 2019 3:23pm. a report by the Health and Disability Commission (HDC) found.

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In New Zealand, the challenges of caring for prisoners with a life-limiting illness have come to the fore in recent months as a result of the widely publicised case of Vicki Letele, a 35 year old mother of three dying of cancer who was eight months into a sentence of three years and two months for fraud.

Prison inmate Vicki Letele was not given adequate care and later died, to inmate Vicki Letele who eventually died of advanced gastric cancer.. Department of Corrections national commissioner rachel leota. "We fully accept the Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner's findings that we failed in .