Secretary DeVos wants to roll back student loan protections. AG Shapiro says he won’t let that happen.

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With that said, let's start by looking at what the Navient lawsuits are all about, and they're your best chance at figuring out how to get your loans back under control.. and like the Illinois suit, and unlike the Pennsyvania suit, AG Josh Shapiro is. Financial Protection Bureau, which means that the CFPB won't have access.

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If Betsy DeVos won't protect our college students, I will.. that lead to earnings that will allow students to pay back their student loan debts.. the GE Rule without replacing it with similar protections for students, the Department. was supposed to lead to a higher paying job,” Attorney General Shapiro said.

Now, after pushing pause on a number of these reforms, DeVos wants to eliminate the gainful employment rules entirely and also make it more difficult for defrauded students to seek debt relief. Her alternative plan suggests that predatory colleges aren’t to blame so much as the students who trusted them.

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