North Miami mayor, now suspended while facing fraud charges, declares her innocence

The mayor of North Miami, Florida, was suspended from office by Florida Governor Rick Scott on Tuesday a day after she was charged as part of an alleged $8 million mortgage fraud scheme. Marie.

The 12-person jury, which deliberated for only two hours, convicted Tondreau of conspiracy and wire-fraud charges after a two-week trial. Tondreau, who was elected as North Miami’s first Haitian-American female mayor in 2013, now faces up to 30 years in prison at her sentencing March 20.

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The mayor of North Miami has surrendered to federal authorities one day after she was indicted in an $8 million mortgage fraud scheme.. North Miami mayor surrenders to FBI, suspended by Scott.

North Miami mayor, now suspended while facing fraud charges, declares her innocence By Nadege Green and Jay Weaver May 20, 2014 08:47 PM

MIAMI – The former mayor of North Miami is appealing her conviction and prison sentence in an $11 million mortgage fraud scheme. An attorney for Lucie Tondreau recently filed a notice of appeal.

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Former North Miami Mayor Convicted for her Involvement in a Multi-Million Dollar Mortgage Fraud Scheme After a 12-day trial, a federal jury convicted former north miami mayor marie Lucie Tondreau, a/k/a "Lucie Tondreau," 54, for her recruitment of straw buyers and other conduct in an $8,000,000 mortgage fraud scheme.

North Miami mayor, now suspended while facing fraud charges, declares her innocence.

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