These South Florida scammers stole identities, then millions from the IRS

Result: Seniors who participate in these scams could face exuberant bills not covered by Medicare and their identity could potentially be stolen. In addition, the scammers may use the senior’s Medicare information to submit a reimbursement request for fraudulent health care services.

Biggest Tax Fraud In US history: nigerian scammers steal Million From The IRS In an email to the Associated Press, First Assistant U.S. Attorney for Oregon, Scott Erik Asphaug, said this is one of the largest tax fraud cases in the United States in which stolen personal identification information was used to defraud the IRS.

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Over the past decade, individual criminal rings in South Florida have netted hundreds of millions. milk” scams of the 1980s, in which doctors wrote prescriptions for unnecessary liquid nutrition.

Just last month, special agents from our Dallas Field Division and TIGTA arrested eight people in South Florida who allegedly participated in a nationwide scheme and stole nearly $9 million from more than 7,000 victims by impersonating IRS agents. While claiming to be IRS employees, the individuals reportedly called and threatened victims with.

Eleven South florida residents charged in $34 Million Stolen Identity Tax Refund Scheme. to file false income tax returns with the IRS. These actions not only pose a serious problem for.

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The IRS estimated that during the 2013 filing season alone, over 5 million tax returns were filed using stolen identities, claiming approximately $30 billion in refunds. The IRS was able to stop or recover over $24 billion of that total, or approximately 81% of the fraudulent claims.

People fall for tax scams and fake irs scams every day. As of September 2017, just one of these scams cost victims more than $60.7 million, according to the treasury inspector general for Tax Administration. And with the recent Equifax breach, you might be even more vulnerable to risk.

Scammers are stealing millions of dollars from Canada by claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency in telephone calls. We trace the calls back to illegal call-centres in India and meet a.

Since 2012, the U.S. attorney’s office has prosecuted upward of 300 defendants who have stolen about 90,000 identities and filed 5 million in false refund claims, resulting in $106 million in.