A Seller Wants Way Too Much for Their Property—What Now?

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 · Ultimately, the negotiation process determines the final selling price, so choosing a real estate agent who will advocate for you and negotiate on your behalf is important. Don’t price the property too high. Ideally, you want to list the property at a realistic price – but at a higher price than you’re willing to settle for.

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What Senior Citizens Should Know About Selling Their Home.. 2 The Best Way to Move Out of the House You Have. You also might wait too long to accept a fair offer under the mistaken belief.

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 · Four of us inherited a house from our mother – now my brother wants to sell. The brother who wants to sell, on the other hand, does not have the right to sell the whole property without everyone’s agreement. If you each own a distinct share in the property – and so are tenants in common rather than joint tenants – in theory,