Millions of Americans are only $400 away from financial hardship. Here’s why

According to the Federal Reserve , a third of Americans don’t have enough to cover even an unexpected $400 expense without selling something or borrowing money. Still, retirement savings and emergency.

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Like half of Americans, successful writer Neal Gabler doesn't have $400 in the. of comments on social media and nearly a quarter million shares.. He kept this secret from everyone, including his wife and daughters, thinking he was the only one who could fix these financial problems.. The Take Away.

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With inequality at record highs and economic instability becoming increasingly widespread, it is no surprise that millions of American. explores why some statistics, particularly the official.

So why doesn’t more income translate to a better financial situation. half of the 22 million Americans with federal student loans are either behind on payments or received permission to postpone.

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Uber drivers protest the company's recent fare cuts and go on strike in front of the. is creating extreme financial hardship for millions of American workers. Both numbers are alarming, but the gap suggests that this informal economy is far. That group was the most likely to report financial distress, and the.

Nearly half of all Americans save virtually nothing. In fact, most are only one minor emergency away from a major financial catastrophe.

Fabled banks stood on the precipice.. It led to new regulations that transformed banking into a safer, far. And it wreaked havoc in tens of millions of American lives.. But 10 years later, what's remarkable is how little the financial crisis. not be able to pay all of their bills if faced with a $400 emergency.