The Feeling You Get from Owning Your Home

Your home is the one place on earth where you should feel fully comfortable and give yourself permission to be surrounded by what you love! Even if you are renting or are only in your home for a short time, you can find ways to make it your own.

The Feeling You Get from Owning Your Home We often talk about the financial reasons why buying a home makes sense. But, more often than not, the emotional reasons are the more powerful and compelling ones. No matter what shape or size your living space is, the concept and feeling of home can mean different things to different people.

You may have the option of a more flexible lifestyle. For women, especially, owning your own business can give the lifestyle flexibility necessary to raise a family and still have a successful career. Mompreneurs are a growing trend; according to the State-Owned Business Report, commissioned by American Express,

Should you buy a vacation property?. After owning a second home, I feel a lot better about paying for a hotel or rental home. There is value in.

If you want to know how to buy a house at a young age, you're at the right place! Buying a house at 20 was hard, but worth it. Here's buying a.

Running the Numbers on Owning a Home. Let’s imagine that you purchase a home for $300,000. The details will vary greatly by situation, but for this example let’s assume the following: You take out a 30-year mortgage with a fixed 4.25% interest rate. You make a standard 20%, or $60,000, down payment. You pay 4%, or $12,000, in closing costs.

In your first year of owning your own home, every new day brings on a new challenge. And thanks to that fresh and dewy homeowner glow, you’re poised to tackle them all. Who cares if the wall is crooked and the kitchen is in disarray-they’re yours. Owning a home isn’t all good feelings, though.

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Ashley Seitzer understands these changes more than most, after watching her dad set up a home office a generation ago and now.